Our goal is to supply solutions that fits you business, nothing less. Our advise will show new possibilities, discuss new chances but in the end fit the specifications. With the InnoMeer software we can help every track to a system that is tailored to the needs and requirements. From basic timing and scoring to a complete booking and businessmanaging system. By combining different software modules and adding functionalities, the InnoMeer system can start small and grow together with your goals.

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Go kart Timing & Scoring

Personal lap times and scores add to the positive experience of your drivers while racing at your track. The IM Timing & scoring are proven to be an accurate and reliable solution for Gokart tracks. With the basics of the timing system being very easy to operate minimum employee actions are required to run the timing & scoring.

  • Timing and scoring with a low investment
  • Add extra timing and scoring options to your wishes
  • Compatible with multiple brands of timing and speed control hardware (Mylaps, de Haardt, etc.)
  • Timing for rental activities and extra options for timing club/business events (endurance races).
Online kart scores
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Improve track safety.

The IM Track safety system is unique in guaranteeing safety on track, not only for the drivers but also for the staff. At most tracks safety depends on the staff’s observations and actions. Since your staff only has one pair of eyes and hands they can use some support during their job.

The IM-safety system detects an area with an incident and automatically reduces the speed of upcoming Gokarts. Your staff has a chance to safely help the driver and his Gokart back on track. Safety Assist reduces the chance of accidents and thus provides a safe environment on and around the track.

Reservations and Point of sale.

The IM Point of sale (POS) module is designed for Gokart tracks with or without other rental activities. One complete solution for (ticket) sales, scheduling, reservation management and administration activities.

The POS software optimizes all processes from the first contact with the customer, through sales and payments till generating (monthly) business reports. Combined with the other IM software module the POS software adds value to every Gokart track in the form of efficiency and business/operations management.

  • Easy to use POS module with expendable management and marketing features available.
  • Processing all tickets and financial transactions – limiting chances of fraud
  • Selling personal customer tickets improves the drivers experience with personal online scores and other member features.
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