InnoMeer provides the software solutions that lift your business to a new level. To manage and plan all the offered events and activities you need the right tools. Tools that fit the type of business that you are. The InnoMeer solution fits every business: from businesses with one activity or multiple, from go-kart tracks, laser-tag, bowling centers or any combination

Booking, planning, tickets

Powerful event management.

Smart and userfriendly design of the booking and event management application allows for an easy and smooth interaction with the customer. From the first moment of contact the customer will benefit from the flexibility of the system allowing the staff to perfectly process and adapt event bookings to the needs of the customer.

From selling tickets to managing large group events all important functions are available in the DeskManager. As many of the InnoMeer software, the DeskManager is scalable in use. Starting from a simple point of sale system to a complete planning and scheduling system.

Simplify marketing operations.

Marketing is important for your customer engagement but is often very time consuming. With the InnoMeer software you will simplify your marketing operations by automating most of the work. You can use different channels to contact your customers like email and Facebook. The IM marketing tools can be tailored to your marketing strategy and the software will automatically execute.

An important step in a successful marketing strategy is getting to know your customer. Combined with the online booking system or the registration kiosk will collect reliable customer data and make it possible to regularly contact your customers through newsletters or targeted email campaigns.

Online booking and payments.

InnoMeer Online booking and payment tool reduces your staff’s workload while providing an advanced service to your customer. Your customers will appreciate the online booking tool where they can quietly look through the possibilities, check the availability and book the tickets.

The InnoMeer online system make billing large group events easier than ever. Send out an email with a link for every payment. Completed payments are directly visible in the event reservation. No more confusion about unclear payments and a direct insight in outstanding amounts.

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