Venue Management

The DeskManager – Venue Management software – allows you to have complete control over all the activities at your venue. Schedule competitive activities, control availability, book reservations and sell tickets to customers. One complete solution for you to manage all planning and customer booking related processes. With the DeskManager the staff is fully aware of bookings, no surprises.

The integrated back-office provides you with extensive management, sales and operations management for complete control over your business. Both front- and back-office operations will be immediately optimised

Online booking and payments

Online booking is a perfect solution for Go-kart tracks looking to optimise their booking process while servicing their customers. A paid reservation is guaranteed and reduces the waiting time for customers at your venue. The availability and the planned activities for online booking is managed from the DeskManager. The sales staff has complete control and view over the occupation and availability in one system to prevent double bookings.

Empower your customers by giving them control over their own reservation. In a few simple steps the customer can plan his racing exactly according to his own wishes and invite his friends to participate.A reliable connection ensures the online customer to always be able to see the availability at his preferred date and time.

Marketing intelligence

You might, as most venues, use marketing campaigns to target your customers but also to increase the reach to new customers. Knowledge of customers, their preferences and their response to your campaign is important for marketing success. The IM software collects the information and monitors the outcomes to increase your marketing intelligence.

Remind your customers of a specific event, thank them for their visit or send them an email on their birthday, it’s all automatic with the IM software. By monitoring the outcomes you will have immediate insights in the interest (a.o. the amount of clicks on a link) or even the actual amount of reservations coming from your email campaigns.

Registration and memberships.

How to get to know your customers and assure a commitment to your business? First step is to collect useful customer data. At the kiosk the customer registers in a few simple steps, optionally using a facebook login to make it even easier.

In a few simple steps the customer registers and creates an account that gives access to an online member dashboard with priviliges, personal scores and lap times and the possibility to make online reservations.

Point of Sale software

Fast service to your customer with the point of sale application with a touch-interface for optimal use. This application can be used at any sales point in your bar, restaurant or anywhere else in the company. After quickly processing orders, the system supports direct payment (cash/card), on account or even by invoice.

In the end all sales information is stored centrally and can be accessed from every sales point. This means for your customer you create one check/invoices with all participated (gokart) actvities and consumptions. The sales generated at the POS can be monitored centrally from the DeskManager system. An extensive amount of sales reports are provided.

Timing & Scoring

Specialised timing and scoring software for Gokart tracks. IM timing & scoring enhances the unqiue racing experience at your track with accurate lap times and a personal score. Show drivers their times and score on timing screens, on a scoreboard and even on their own mobile phone.

The Gokart software is easy to use for your track staff who can completely focus on the safety on the track. You want to guarantee even more safety? Special safety tracking software automatically detects incidents and reduces the speed of the karts in these areas of the track.